Transcendent for this book, I did things a little wrong. I had no idea that “Transcendent” by Katelyn Detweiler was a sequel to her previous book “Immaculate” until I was already about a hundred pages in. It all worked out though, since it wasn’t one of those books that you 100% needed to read the first one first. The author did a good job of having a little bit of a recap of what was in the first book.

This book is set in modern time, but in a post-Disney World bombing. Thousands of children and parents were killed in the bombings, and the whole world is still trying to recover from it.

Iris Spero is seen as a miracle to these people and people are very hopeful that she can help them, but of course she doesn’t actually believe that she could be any help. Overall, she wasn’t too bad of a character, but at times I thought she could have handled the situation differently instead of hiding out for most of the book.

Zane, the inevitable love interest in the book, was actually a character that I liked (wow, recently it’s been rare that I’ve actually cared about the romance part of a book?). The book did not focus too much on their relationship, which was probably what made it better.

The only disappointing part of this book was that I was expecting something almost magical at the end. Iris doubted her abilities throughout the book, and it would have made for a better ending if she would have been proven wrong. I guess I just was just expecting the book to go in a different direction than it did.

So if you’re wanting to read this book without reading “Immaculate” first, go for it. The only issue with reading “Transcendent” first is that you basically know everything that happens in “Immaculate,” making it less enjoyable to read (but there’s a review coming about that book later, since I did go back and read it!)

Rating ★★★★✩

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The Sun is Also a Star

“The Sun is Also a Star” by Nicola Yoon is not typically a book I would read. Besides its nice cover, I would have set down this book right away after reading its description. But since I read the author’s amazing book “Everything, Everything,” I thought I’d give this a try. And that was a mistake.

This book follows the story of Natasha, a senior in high school who is about to be deported to Jamaica, and Daniel, an Asian-American with very strict parents. As Natasha is running around New York trying to fix her father’s mistakes and reverse their deportation, Daniel basically follows her around even though he has his own things to do.

Daniel’s immediate obsession with Natasha is what initially threw me off. He just met this girl and now he’s pretty much already in love. And of course when she basically turns him down, he keeps bothering her about it. He tells her that she’s going to fall in love with him, and while she tells him she won’t, we all know that she will. It’s the most predictable thing ever. (I might have actually enjoyed the book a lot more if she wouldn’t have fallen for him?) At this point, it was pretty obvious to me that I do not care whether or not these two people get together at the end. I was not able to connect enough with either character to actually like them or care what happens to them.

My main problem with this book was that the whole thing took place in just one day. One day. One day and they were already obsessed with each other. I’m still having trouble processing that fact. It bothered me so much that I could not look past it. And so in the end, I feel as if I completely wasted my time reading this book.

Rating ★★✩✩✩

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The Twelve Days of Dash and Lily

To start off the year, I read “The Twelve Days of Dash and Lily” by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan. For those who don’t know, this is the sequel to “Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares” (which was great and I totally recommend).

I actually started this series just because of the cover. I had a very vague idea about what the plot was, but I was mostly just thinking that I needed to own the pretty Christmas book. This book, with its absolutely beautiful cover, disappointed me. I was expecting more of what I liked in the first book, but didn’t find it. Lily was overall very childish and naive throughout the entire book. Yes, this happened in the first book as well, but this time she just didn’t have enough redeeming qualities to make me care about her or her problems. I found the same problem with Dash, where I really just didn’t care about him.

Setting the disinterest in the characters aside, the plot also didn’t really interest me as much as the first did. A lot of it was very dull but its main redeeming quality was when it went back to the theme of the first book and they actually did things! Finally, after all that complaining about Lily “not being Lily” anymore, they finally did something. Dash’s plan to make her happy again was very adorable and made it a little more acceptable that Lily was so annoying.

Despite my lack of enthusiasm about this book, it wasn’t bad. My expectations were just way too high for it, almost setting it up for failure. I actually enjoyed reading this during the holiday season. I would definitely recommend these books to people looking for a Christmas themed book.

Rating: ★★★★✩  (okay..more like 3.5)

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First blog post

For my first post, I thought I would start from the very beginning of my reading journey. It is kind of ironic that the book that sparked my love of reading was “The Bad Beginning” by Lemony Snicket, because it was actually the opposite. My mother had told me to read the series since she knew I would like it, so basically I only started it with the intention to prove her wrong. But in the end, I was definitely the one that was proven to be wrong. I was transformed from a very stubborn middle-school girl who thought she didn’t like to read, only because she never gave it a fair try, to a girl who quickly ran out of space in her small excuse for a bookshelf.

After that, I started where most people my age do: Harry Potter. Also known as the series that changed everyone’s lives. I immediately fell in love, and from that day on, it was pretty much all I ever talked about. I was a Gryffindor according to Pottermore and myself at the time, but now I’m definitely more of a Slytherin (Slytherdor maybe?)

The Hunger Games and Divergent will also always hold a special place in my heart, but it’s safe to say that I read more than only the books that the whole world is obsessing over.

I solemnly swear that my book reviews will be better than this awkward introduction, so please stick around for this new book-related journey of mine!

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