Transcendent for this book, I did things a little wrong. I had no idea that “Transcendent” by Katelyn Detweiler was a sequel to her previous book “Immaculate” until I was already about a hundred pages in. It all worked out though, since it wasn’t one of those books that you 100% needed to read the first one first. The author did a good job of having a little bit of a recap of what was in the first book.

This book is set in modern time, but in a post-Disney World bombing. Thousands of children and parents were killed in the bombings, and the whole world is still trying to recover from it.

Iris Spero is seen as a miracle to these people and people are very hopeful that she can help them, but of course she doesn’t actually believe that she could be any help. Overall, she wasn’t too bad of a character, but at times I thought she could have handled the situation differently instead of hiding out for most of the book.

Zane, the inevitable love interest in the book, was actually a character that I liked (wow, recently it’s been rare that I’ve actually cared about the romance part of a book?). The book did not focus too much on their relationship, which was probably what made it better.

The only disappointing part of this book was that I was expecting something almost magical at the end. Iris doubted her abilities throughout the book, and it would have made for a better ending if she would have been proven wrong. I guess I just was just expecting the book to go in a different direction than it did.

So if you’re wanting to read this book without reading “Immaculate” first, go for it. The only issue with reading “Transcendent” first is that you basically know everything that happens in “Immaculate,” making it less enjoyable to read (but there’s a review coming about that book later, since I did go back and read it!)

Rating ★★★★✩

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